Prickly Pear blossom next to the cabin

Prickly Pear blossom next to the cabin

you + plants

People and plants are meant to be together, in the most literal way. We humans have evolved to function with the help of plants, whether it be breathing, healing, or even clothing and housing ourselves. Healing with plants, often called herbalism, is not only the domain of professionals, but something that all of us can do well and often! Throughout human history, every culture and ethnic group has worked with plants for the sake of their healing and well being. You belong WITH the plants, and we all belong TO the plants.

Healing is not only a matter of fixing what’s broken, it’s about growing what’s well, and nourishing the beauty of body and soul. It’s the pursuit of pleasure as much as it is the easing of pain. While you should certainly see a practicing herbalist (herbalists are not licensed in the United States) or other health professional for any health issue you have concerns about, it is also totally possible to nourish and care for yourself with gentle remedies. Caring for yourself means educating yourself!

With a bit of focus and training, any of us are capable of learning the basics of home herbalism, and beyond. Not only that, the learning of plant healing is an adventure all its own. The scent of rosewater, the act of grinding roots, the taste of brewed spices, the touch of linden blossoms being plucked from the tree. This our heritage, and its deep memory still dances in our very cells.

Give yourself over to the ancient song of the flowers that are always calling us home.